Have your wedding at the Beach

by admin on August 21, 2011

What could be better then to have your wedding at the beach.  The smell of the fresh salt sea air in the breeze and the sound waves lapping up at the shore in the background.  Think of how breathtaking the pictures will be with the sun setting over the ocean as the backdrop for your wedding photos.  You can go to Hawaii or the Bahamas, but you probably better plan on doubling your expected budget.  Not to mention just take for granted that many of the people you would like to have at your wedding wont be able to afford the trip.

The good news is the is a wonderful alternative – The Oregon and Washington Coast.  Not only are these areas much more accessible but they also have so many different types of coastal backdrops for you to choose from.  Featuring iconic filming scenes from movies like “Twilight” as well as real world locations with backgrounds ranging from Native American legends, to pirates and shipwrecks, to the end of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, this coast line has so much to offer!

All you need is someone to help you find what you are looking for.  You need someone that has has the contacts to help you find what you are looking for and make the arrangements so that you special day is even better then you ever dreamed.

This is where we come in:  We are a husband and wife team; Kathy has a background in travel as well as wedding planning; Steve is a 3rd generation minister with extensive experience in marketing and sales to help negotiate the arrangements you need.  Both of us have a love for the coast and have even lived with the beach as our backyard so we have the contacts to help you plan.

Let us help you plan the dream beach wedding you have always wanted!